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So you want to open up a 'home restaurant' like the Zucchini Brothers did? This is a neat idea for children and parents alike. It's useful for parents because you'll have a ready listing of your children's favorite meals that will serve as a helpful reminder in the midst of daily life when you find yourself having the same meals over and over again because you forget about other options. And it's fun for kids!
First, make a list of favorite foods and meals using categories such as: Beverages, Beautiful Breakfasts, Delightful Dips, Luscious Lunches, Lunch Buddies (appetizers) & Super Snacks, Delicious Dinners, Dinner Buddies (appetizers/side dishes), and Sweet Somethings. You can really go to town with this and make it look like a real menu (especially if you have a home computer and printer). Create a page for each category, and give the foods fun names! You can even name them after favorite story characters, friends or relatives. For example, we have "Piglet's Pancakes" (tiny) and "Pooh's Pancakes" (regular size) on our breakfast menu, as well as "Grandma's Goulash." List everything you can think of, from baby carrots, black olives, and "ants on a log" to macaroni & cheese, make-your-own taco bars, and lasagna!
You may also want to give your "home restaurant" a name. We ended up naming ours "Good Day Cafe" because when we eat healthful foods, we tend to have good days!
Now put the whole menu together in a 3-ring pocket folder. (For an extra special touch, you can place the menu pages inside clear plastic page protectors.)
Once you've created your family's menu, you can have lots of fun with it. You can make take the stress out of meal time by letting your kids order off the menu. (You can always tell them beforehand what the "specials" are for the day.) On occasion, you could even set up an elegant table with a tablecloth, a flower vase, and maybe a candle (as long as a grown-up is always right there). In our opinion, that's an especially fun thing to do when a friend comes to visit and the grown-ups pretend to be the waiter and/or cook!


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