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    Fun Stuff!

Here are some recipes, ideas, and neat things from our radio show,
but you don't have to listen to our show to have fun with them!

Check 'em out!

Make your own book! (Show 1276)
Make a Magnetic Fishing Game (Show 1274)
Games! (Show 1272)
Warm Winter Drinks (Show 1271)
Fun Frog Facts (Show 1268)
Birthday Party Ideas (Show 1266)
Indoor Miniature Snow Scenes (Show 1264)
Create a Home Restaurant Menu (Show 1263)
Make a Shoebox Fishtank (Show 1261)
Calculating Storm Distance (Show 1260)
Underwater Magnifier (Show 1258)
Make Your Own Magnetic Poetry Set! (Show 1256)
Healing Soup Recipe (Show 1255)
Make an Egg Carton Caterpillar! (Show 1252)
Make Your Own Bubble Brew! (Show 1251)
Glitter Playdough (Show 1249)
Homemade Bank (Show 1248)
Make a Dreamcatcher (Show 1246)
Beautiful Autumn Leaf Lanterns (Show 1245)
Garlic Greens Pesto (Show 1243)
Composting is Easy! (Show 1241)
Quick Geography Quiz (show 1240)
Breakfast Cookies Recipe (Show 1238)
Strawberry Smoothies (Show 1235)
Photo Wall (Show 1234)
Macaroni & Cheese (Show 1233)



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