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Make Your Own Magnetic Poetry Set! (Show 1256)

Susan and the Zucchini Brothers sure had fun having Mr. Yakety Yak as a substitute teacher. He sure loves poetry. Have you ever seen a magnetic poetry set? It's a collection of word magnets that can help inspire your creativity. You can put the words on your refrigerator (some cookie sheets will also work) and arrange them to create your own poetry. Though premade sets are sold in stores, it is both easy and affordable to make your own. You can either write the words by hand with a pen and blank white (unlined) paper, or you can use your home printer if you have one. You’ll need:
     * a few sheets of unlined, white paper
     * a home printer or black pen
     * scissors
     * adhesive magnetic strips or sheets (sold in craft stores or departments)
     * clear contact paper (optional but recommended, as it provides a nice protective coating).
To make your magnetic poetry set, just write or type a bunch of words, leaving a little space between them so you can tell where each word ends and begins and can easily cut them out. Remember to include plenty of nouns, verbs, adjectives, as well as some pronouns and conjunctions.
Once you have lots of words written (or typed and printed), you can cover your word sheet(s) with the clear contact paper. Just place a piece of the contact paper on top of your word sheets so that the sticky side of the contact paper is against the word side of the paper. Then carefully cut the words out, and attach them to the magnetic strips or sheets. Trim the word magnets so they look neat and don't have any excess magnet showing.
Now invite the poet in you to come out and play! As you experiment with your word set, you may find that you'll want to add more words, or even letters or suffixes to tack on to the end of words. A homemade magnetic poetry set also makes a nice gift!
As an alternative idea, you could make a magnetic word organizer for your (metal) door or refrigerator, to help you get organized for school. Just follow the procedure above, but include the names of the days of the week and anything you could possibly need to bring to school with you on a given day (sneakers, lunch, milk money, instrument, mittens, math book, etc.). Each day when you get home from school, place the magnet for the following day on your door or fridge, as well as the magnets for all the things you’ll need to remember to bring. Check your list before leaving in the morning, to make sure you have everything. This system works especially well if you have a copy of your school schedule close by so you can refer to it when making your daily lists.


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