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Make a Shoebox Fishtank (Show 1261)

The Zucchini Brothers thanked Mom for getting them new sneakers from pete's Sneaker Store. When you get sneakers, here's something you can do with the box your new shoes came in! Though it won't hold real fish or water, this diorama will certainly resemble a fishtank. You'll only need the box itself--not the lid.
The first thing you'll need to do is create a backdrop for your fishtank. Look through old nature magazines for large underwater photos or illustrations of marine life such as corals, sea anemones, fish, seaweed, etc. Stand the fishtank on its side so it looks like a little theater, with the shortest sides on the left and right and the longer sides on the top and bottom. Glue the photo backdrop to the "back wall" of the shoebox (the largest inner surface). Then glue other photo backdrops to the side walls on the left and right. If you can't find any photos or illustrations, you can make your own from construction paper.
Next, design the "floor" of your fishtank. You can do this in a number of ways: You could paint the floor brown using tempera paint. Or you could cover it with brown construction paper or even cover it with glue and sprinkle sand all over it.
Once you've made the floor, it's time to add objects to your fishtank. For example, you may wish to place some seashells or pebbles on the floor surface. And don't forget the fish! Again, there are lots of different options: You can cut pictures of fish from old magazines, you can draw them yourself, or you can even make origami fish if you know how to do that. (Origami fish are nice because they're three-dimensional.) Make a tiny hole at the top of your fish, so you can hang it from the "roof" using thin thread. (Attach the thread to the roof with tape.)
Once your shoebox fishtank is arranged as you like it, you can display it on a windowsill or a small table and watch your fish swim around!


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