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Hide and seek is one our favorite games, and if you're like us and love to play all sorts of games. But you can also create your own games with a little imagination! Put together a game kit, and the possibilities truly are endless.
Your game kit can contain:
     * dice
     * a deck of cards
     * markers or "game pieces" (acorn caps, pennies, flat glass
       marbles, dry beans, etc.)
     * a small drawing pad
     * pencils
     * garage sale stickers (red, blue, yellow & green circles)
     * blank index cards or cardstock for making cards.
You can make a color spinner out of pieces of cardboard and a metal paper fastener. And you can construct your own boards for board games with one or more pieces of cardboard, paper, markers, and clear contact paper to laminate the board.
For example, we created a board game similar to Candyland that was based on the adventures of a certain magical bus. On paper, we drew a starting point and an ending point (the school) and a bunch of special places on the way to the school (an apple orchard, the teacher's house, a cloud, the solar system, etc.). Then we made a path (out of garage sale stickers) from the starting point to the school, passing through all of the special places on the way. Then we attached the paper to a piece of cardboard using spray adhesive. (We actually used two pieces of cardboard and cut the paper in half.) We covered the board with clear contact paper and taped the two sections together with wide, clear tape in a way that allowed us to easily fold and unfold the board just like the board games you buy in a store.
Then it was time to make the cards. We cut the blank index cards in half and put one or two garage sale stickers on each card. We put frownie faces on some of the stickers (but not too many); picking a card with a frownie face means you have to move backwards. Finally, we made cards with pictures of the special places (apple orchard, teacher's house, etc.) on them.
For game pieces, we used flat marbles of different colors. Then we were ready to play!
We also made a math game using a basket full of acorn caps and playing cards with math processes on them. And we made another math game using dice and a board with squares containing the numbers 0 through 15 on it.
There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating your own games, and it's really satisfying to play games you've made all by yourself! All you need to do is come up with an objective, think through how the game will be played, write down the rules, and experiment with it to see if it works or how it needs to be fine-tuned! Once you've worked out all of the kinks, homemade games make wonderful birthday presents for friends!


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