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Make a Magnetic Fishing Game (Show 1274)

Jack, Steve, Sam, and their dog, Polly love to go to Fireman's Creek to fish, but they also like to play fishing games at home with their magnetic fishing set. To make a magnetic fishing game, you'll need:

†††††* craft foam or cardstock (2 or 3 sheets, in bright colors),

†††††* a pen

†††††* scissors

†††††* adhesive-backed magnet strips,

†††††* a permanent marker
†††††††(such as a Sharpie pen) or hole punch

†††††* a stick or dowel (approximately 1 1/2 feet long)

†††††* thread or yarn

†††††* a paper clip.

First, draw fish outlines on the foam or cardstock, using a pen. To make this step easier, you may want to cut out one or two fish and trace them to make the rest of the fish. Make as many fish outlines as you want, and then cut them out using scissors.

Next, attach a small (1/2 inch) piece of magnet to one side of each fish. Then use a permanent marker to draw an eye on each side of the fish, or punch a hole for an eye instead.

Now that your fish are made, you'll need a fishing pole! Tie a length of yarn or string (about 1 1/2 feet long) close to the end of the stick or dowel. (If there is a thinner end, that's the end to which you'll want to attach the string or yarn. ) Then tie the other end of the yarn or string to a paper clip. Make sure the knot is secure, and you're all set!

Place the fish on the floor, magnet side up, and go fishing! If you have some blue fabric on hand, you can use it for a streamójust place the fish on top of the fabric. If you want, you can write a letter or number on each fish and go fishing for words or simple math equations. We've had our magnetic fishing game for years and still enjoying playing with it! Have fun!


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