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Make Your Own Bubble Brew! (Show 1325)

Jack, Sam, Steve, and Susan (and Polly the dog) had a ton of fun blowing bubbles. Making your own bubble solution is super easy. Why not give it a try?
All you need to do is mix together in a bowl:
     * 1 cup of water
     * 2 Tbs. of glycerin (available in drugstores)
     * 4 Tbs. of dishwashing liquid (like Joy).
If you have a bubble wand on hand, great! If not, you can make your own by twisting a pipe cleaner into the shape of a bubble wand. Or you can use household items such as flyswatters, spatulas, cookie cutters, plastic berry cartons, or other safe objects that have one or more holes and won't get soggy. Have fun!
And, hey: Did you know that if you blow bubbles outside when it's *really* cold (around -30 or -40 degrees Fahrenheit), the bubbles won't pop?!!


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