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Homemade Bank (1322)

Jack, Steve, and Sam opened up their own savings accounts at the Zucchini Land Bank and Trust, but they also have homemade banks back at the clubhouse. Making your own bank is so easy! All you need is:
     * an empty coffee can (or similar can) with a plastic lid
     * decorative or white contact paper
     * scissors
     * markers (optional).
First, make sure the can is very clean and doesn't contain any sharp or jagged edges.
Next, cover the sides of the can with the contact paper. You can use either decorative contact paper, or white contact paper that you've decorated with markers. (Decorate before covering the can.)
Lastly, cut a small slit in the center of the platic lid, so you can put your money in. That's all! (We told you it was easy!) Now you have a great place to keep your allowance money!


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