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Quick Geography Quiz (Show 1314)

At Zucchini Land Elementary School, Miss Honeypepper's class presented a 'World Fair', and Jack, Steve, Sam, and Susan chose a different country or culture to research and give a presentation about. Can you name the continents that each of the following three countries are part of:
     1) France (the country Steve chose)
     2) India (the country Susan chose)
     3) Mexico (the country Sam chose).
Jack did his presentation on Native North America, which isn't part of this quiz because: 1) Native North America isn't a country, and 2) the continent is obvious--it's right there in the name!

OK, here are the answers:
France is part of Europe, India is part of Asia, and Mexico is part of North America.
Did any of these answers surprise you? We've been asking around and realized that many people (ourselves included) mistakenly thought Mexico is part of South America. Perhaps that's because Mexico is located in Southern North America. But make no mistake: Mexico is most definitely located in NORTH America!


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