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Make Your Own Peace Prize! (Show 1298)

Before Officer O'Reilly finished his visit to Miss Honeypepper's classroom, he noticed the 'Peace Prize' she had on the wall. She explained that a student gets to wear the peace prize after solving classroom conflict peacefully. Why not make one yourself to use at home with your brothers, sisters, friends, or in your classroom?

Youíll need:

†††††* an empty yogurt cup (8 oz. or 6 oz. size)

†††††* plaster of Paris mix (available in craft stores/departments)

†††††* cold water

†††††* a straw

†††††* a pencil

†††††* acrylic paint (we like metallic gold and royal blue)

†††††* acrylic sealant (for extra protection)

†††††* 2-foot length of 1Ē-wide ribbon (royal blue is nice for a predominantly gold medal, and vice versa)

To begin, pour into the bottom of the empty yogurt cup a 5/8" layer of plaster of Paris mix. (Use a ratio of 1 part cold water to 1 1/2 parts plaster.) Quickly (before the plaster begins to harden) push a straw all the way through the plaster, to make a hole (so you can put the finished peace prize on a ribbon), and leave the straw there while the plaster hardens. Let the plaster dry completely before removing it from the yogurt cup mold. At this point, carefully remove the straw from the dried plaster.

The next step is to decorate your peace prize. First, you can lightly outline in pencil the design you want. For instance, you may want a dove with an olive branch in the center, and the word "peace" written along the outer rim. Next, paint the medal using acrylic paint. (Metallic gold and royal blue are nice choices for a background and lettering, and if you drew a dove, you can just leave the dove white.) You may want to do two or more layers of the background color; make sure the paint dries completely between layers. Once youíre satisfied with the way the medal looks, and itís completely dry, you can finish it with a coating of sealant, for extra protection.

After the coating has dried, youíre ready to string a ribbon through the hole so you can wear the medal around your neck. Use at least 2 feet of ribbon thatís an inch wide. String the medal to the center of the ribbon, and tie a knot about an inch above the medal. Then tie the ends of the ribbon together. Voila!.....your peace prize is now completed!

If you donít relish the idea of painting your own peace prize design, then you can skip that part altogether and instead cut out a picture of a symbol of peace (a dove; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Gandhi, etc.) from a magazine. Affix it to your medal with decoupage medium or watered down white glue. Then cover the whole thing with another layer or two of decoupage medium or glue, and let it dry before attaching the ribbon.


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