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Making a Wormery (Show 1297)

We had fun planting our magic bean seeds and are getting in the mood for another ZucchiniLand springtime project here at the Zucchini Clubhouse: a wormery! To make a wormery, you'll need:
     * a quart-sized glass jar
     * a spoon
     * sand
     * garden soil
     * 3 or 4 earthworms
     * rotted leaves, grass clippings or compost
     * a spray bottle of water
     * scissors
     * black construction paper
     * clear tape.
First, scooping with your spoon, make a 1.5" deep layer of sand in the bottom of the jar. On top of that, make a 1.5" layer of soil. Alternate layers of sand and soil until you're about 1.5" from the mouth of the jar. End with a layer of soil. Scatter the earthworms on this top layer of soil. Cover with rotted leaves or compost. Moisten the leaves or compost by lightly spraying with water.
Cut the construction paper so it fits around the jar, as a side covering. Tape at the seam. Place your wormery in a cool place. (Important: Do NOT screw the jar's lid back on. The worms need oxygen and cannot escape.)
After a few days, carefully remove the construction paper covering so you can see how the layers shift as the worms tunnel through the soil. Observe the layer changes every now and then, and also keep the soil moist. Keep the wormery inside its construction paper covering except for when you're observing it, and return the worms to the earth when you're done.


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