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Don't Give Up! (Show 1293)

Steve was disappointed that he didn't get the piano part in the school play, but he knew that it was a good learning experience. Have you ever lost out on an audition, not made it onto a team, or felt you failed in some way? Some people give up all too easily when they lose. The problem with giving up is that you never get to find out if next time the answer will be "yes" instead of "no." Sometimes you have to hear "no" many times before the "yes" finally comes, but if it's something you really want, then the wait is worth it. And in the meantime, you've had the opportunity to develop the valuable trait of endurance. Many people—writers, musicians, athletes, people looking for work, etc.—even make a game of collecting rejection letters because they believe that, with each rejection they receive, they're getting closer to a "yes."
Want to hear a story our teacher, Miss Honeypepper, once told us? There was a man who wanted to find gold. Each day, he went out and mined for gold with his pick ax. After a few weeks of exhausting work and not finding any gold whatsoever, he gave up. Exasperated, he walked away, leaving his ax stuck in the rock, where he'd last thrust it. A few days later, someone else came upon the ax, still stuck in the rock. This person pulled the ax out, struck the rock once, and guess what he found? Gold! So the first man gave up right before finding what he was looking for! He had no idea that he was just one strike away from the gold! It's all about endurance and believing in yourself and your dreams.


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