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Pizza Garden (Show 1291)

If you enjoy pizza and gardening as much as Jack, Steve and Sam do, here's an idea you might want to try. You can make a garden that not only looks like a pizza, but also contains the ingredients for making a pizza! All you need to do is create a round garden plot (10 feet by 10 feet is a nice size). Then section the circle into "slices." (First figure out what you want to grow, and then you'll know how many slices to create.) What vegetable toppings do you like on your pizza? Perhaps you'll grow tomatoes in one slice, green peppers in another, etc. And, of course, you won't forget the zucchini... You might want more than one slice to contain a particular vegetable, like tomatoes (but, for purely aesthetic reasons, make sure the tomato slices aren't next to each other). Remember to reserve one slice for growing herbs you like on your pizza--especially oregano, basil, and garlic! Now all you have to do is make the pizza dough and patiently tend your garden. And you might also want to put a sign up next to your garden that reads "Keep out, Jack!" so Jack Zucchini won't make a feast of your garden! You know how he loves pizza…


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