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Have a Spring Cleaning Party! (Show 1290)

When spring comes to ZucchiniLand, the Zucchini Brothers know it's time for spring cleaning. Instead of thinking of spring cleaning as drudgery, why not put a fun spin on it and have your own family cleaning party?
Nothing sets the mood better than great music. So put on some of your favorite, upbeat music and boogie as you dust, vacuum, clean windows, sort, and do the rest of your cleaning.
Snacks are important, too, to maintain everyone's energy. So have some healthy and yummy snacks to nibble on throughout the day. You can even hide cleaning task messages in cookies or muffins. Write the name of a task on a small piece of paper, fold it up, and wrap it inside a piece of aluminum foil. Put one aluminum foil pouch inside each cookie or muffin. (Obviously, supervise young children to make sure they don't swallow or choke on it. It's best to break pieces off with your fingers instead of diving right in.) Or you could hide small treats or treasures in nooks and crannies that require cleaning.
Be sure to have boxes for things you no longer want. You can collect items in boxes to sell in a garage sale, to donate to a church or charitable organization, or to give away to friends or neighbors.
When your spring cleaning party is over, celebrate by doing something fun together as a family: going out for dinner or a movie, taking a walk, going to the beach or to a park or playground, or whatever you like to do together. Maybe this could be the beginning of a new family tradition!


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