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Ten Easy Ways to Precycle (Show 1288)

Jack, Steve, and Sam learned a big lesson about "Precycling" and put their findings to work right in the clubhouse. "Precycling" is all about reducing waste before you buy something, by thinking about what will happen to it (and its packaging) when you're done with it. There are so many ways to precycle, and here are ten ideas to get you started!
1) Bring reusable bags to the grocery store with you. Or tell the cashier you don't need a bag if your purchase is small.
2) At the grocery store, buy loose fruits and vegetables rather than ones that are prepackaged, and also avoid putting them in a plastic produce bag . Don't buy food packaged in styrofoam—a hazardous waste that is notoriously difficult to break down!
3) Instead of buying individual juice boxes for school lunches, opt for larger containers of juice or juice concentrate, and fill a reusable bottle or thermos. (Doing it this way also allows you to slightly dilute the juice with water, which reduces the sugar content of the beverage.)
4) Buy an electric toothbrush, and replace the bristles (not the entire toothbrush) when they wear out.
5) When you buy clothing, ask the clerk not to wrap your purchase in tissue paper.
6) At the ice cream stand, order a cone rather than a cup.
7) Borrow books, videos, DVDs, and CDs from your local library rather than purchasing them new. Or obtain them from used book stores or garage sales.
8) Buy reusable rather than disposable items.
9) Choose products with the least amount of packaging.
10) Take good care of your toys and belongings so they don't need to be replaced. When you're done with them, pass them on to someone else who will appreciate them.


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