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During their visit to ZucchiniLand Beach, the Zucchini Brothers teamed up with Susan to make a sandcastle. It's always fun to make sand sculptures at the beach, but here's a recipe for sand clay, which can be used at *home* to make more permanent sculptures.
You'll need:
     * 2 cups of fine sand
     * 1 cup of water
     * 1 cup of cornstarch
After mixing these ingredients together in a pan, you'll also need a grown-up to help you heat the mixture, over medium heat, until the mixture thickens. You'll need to stir this mixture constantly as it thickens. When it's thick, transfer it into a bowl, and allow it to cool.
Once it's cool, sculpt it into whatever shape you desire, and allow it to dry and harden. Or, instead of making a sculpture, you could make a "fossil" by flattening a ball of clay on a piece of waxed paper. Make impressions in the clay with items such as shells, leaves, ferns, twigs, plastic toy dinosaurs, feathers, etc. by pressing them into the clay then removing them and allowing your "fossil" to dry.


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