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Row, Row, Row Your (Homemade) Boat! (Show 1282)

Here are instructions for three different kinds of simple boats you can make yourself.
The first one is a TREE BARK SAILBOAT, made from a piece of tree bark. (Only use tree bark that is already on the ground; don't remove bark from a living tree.) Make a small hole in the center of the bark. Then find a large leaf, and carefully pierce it in two places. Next, thread a thin stick through the tiny holes in the leaf. (This will be the boat's sail.) Finally, place the stick into the hole in the center of the bark, and your sailboat is complete! This kind of boat is great for sailing in a bathtub or basin. If you want to sail it in a stream or pond, you can hold onto it better by attaching a piece of string to the bark; that way, you'll be less likely to lose it.
To make a WALNUT SHELL SAILBOAT, nestle a little bit of clay (or beeswax or playdough) inside a walnut shell half. For a sail, thread a toothpick or tiny stick through a paper scrap or small leaf. Stick the toothpick or stick upright into the clay, and there you have it!
Lastly, you can make a JUICE BOX SAILBOAT if you happen to have an empty juice box on hand. Just make a tiny hole in the center of the front side of the juice box, and insert a feather for a sail.
For a little extra fun with these homemade boats, try this: Fill a basin, small plastic pool, bathtub, or even a plastic sled with a little water--no more than an inch deep. Find some decent-sized rocks, and arrange them in the water, as islands. You may even want to put a tiny bit of moss on one or more of the rocks, to suggest grass. (Please don't remove much moss, especially from any one area.). Now your boats can navigate around the islands!


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