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Ten Ways Kids Can Conserve Natural Resources and Keep the Earth Clean! (Show 1281)

The Zucchini Brothers had fun making the solar oven with Susan, and are looking forward to operating their 'energy conscious red wagon grocery taxi express'. Here are some things you can do to conserve natural resources and keep the earth clean:
1) Turn off lights, appliances, television, radio, etc. when they're not actively being used or when you're not in the room.
2) When you're out walking, bring a grocery or garbage bag with you, and pick up the litter you find.
3) Recycle and/or reuse everything you can. Call your local recycling center to find out what materials they are able to accept.
4) Create a give-away box, and put in it things that you no longer use or want. Give these items to people or organizations who could use them, or donate them to charitable organizations.
5) Have a garage sale to pass unwanted items along to others and make a little money in the process.
6) When packing school lunches, use waxed paper and reusable plastic containers instead of disposable plastic wrap/bags or aluminum foil.
7) Turn the water off while your brushing your teeth; only turn it on briefly to wet and rinse your brush.
8) When you're done reading magazines, bring them to a doctor's office, laundromat, nursing home, etc. so they can be enjoyed by others.
9) Make a recycled craft box, in which you put scraps that otherwise would be thrown out (such as junk mail, newspapers, ribbons, handles from paper shopping bags, beads, paper and cardboard scraps, wrapping paper, magazine photos, etc.)
10) Keep rags in the kitchen to wipe up spills and clean surfaces instead of using disposable paper towels. When they've served their purpose, wash and reuse them.


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