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An ongoing, weekly, half-hour program made especially for kids and families (but cool enough for everyone), The Zucchini Brothers, Live! at the Clubhouse is a full half-hour of jokes, anecdotes, daily chores, stories and, of course, MUSIC, and is hosted by the three zany Zucchinis and their cast of characters!

Winners of the Parents' Choice Gold and the NAPPA Gold Awards, this band of brothers (Jack on guitar, Steve on keyboards, Sam on drums - each his own character; all of whom sing) is well-known for its work in schools, theatres and festivals throughout the country. The Zucchini Brothers have received critical acclaim for their albums  Songs From ZucchiniLand..., In Your Garden..., A Zucchini Holiday..., Safe & Sound, and their collection of Music Videos.

The Zucchini Brothers spin not only the best of the Kids' Music catalog (Tom Chapin...Trout Fishing in America...Lou Del Bianco...Bill Harley...Rick Scott,) but also 'Big People' music that you'd want your children to be introduced to (Crosby, Stills, and Nash...Tommy Dorsey...Bob Dylan...the Beatles.)

Modeled on old-time radio, back before there was TV, (yes, there was such a time, though children may not believe it!,) Live! at the Clubhouse is a great place for young listeners. It's educational, it's got facts about science and nature and it's always 100% healthy and fun!


"We love airing the Zucchini Brothers! The show is loads of fun."
            -B. Keith, Station Mgr., WSDP, Canton, MI

"The Beatles of kids' music."
            -S. Charney, Producer, Knock On Wood Radio, Woodstock, NY

"Exciting, engaging and TASTY...accessible to ALL children and parents!"
            -R. Waterstone, Children's Museum of Manhattan , NYC

"It's an incredible addition to our daily schedule. It's wonderful! Thanks for being such a positive influence for kids...and fun for grown-ups too."
            -S. Allen , Arcata, CA

"Great Show! We get a little exercise by dancing to it! You beat out Dragon Tales for the 3:30 p.m. spot in our house!"
            -D. L. D'Aquilla,  Nashville, TN

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-available FREE-OF-CHARGE
-by easy MP3 download
-29 minutes in length
-low-priced fund-raising items available
-54 stations currently carry the show worldwide
    ...and the number is growing!
-some of the cities broadcasting our show:
            Virgin Islands
            Sunbury Victoria, Australia
            Nome, AK
            Arcata, CA
            Hoopa, CA
            Bridgeport, CT
            Hanalei, HI
            Pendleton, IN
            Mt. Pleasant, MI
            Lansing, MI
            Canton, MI
            High Point, NC
            Belcourt, ND
            Londonderry, NH
            Dulce, NM
            Zuni, NM
            Pine Hill, NM
            Santa Fe, NM
            Hamilton, OH
            Portland, OR
            Memphis, TN
            Syracuse, NY
            Auburn, NY
            Oswego, NY
            Oneida, NY


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