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Zucchini School Assembly Topic Examples
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100% HEALTHY 100% FUN!:
The emphasis is on personal health, hygiene, self-esteem, eating well and making good choices. Songs include: "You Are What You Eat", "I'm Myself", "Green Teeth", "Fruit Song", "Clean Your Room", and "Bein' A Kid".

With a focus on Stranger Safety, this upbeat assembly emphasizes the many important things kids should know and understand. Songs include: "Learn Your Address and Phone", "Remember the Adults You Trust", "It's Safer With Two", and "Leave Me Alone".

This environmental show emphasizes the importance of taking care of the planet AND taking care of yourself as well. Songs include: "You Are Reusable", "Bad Pollution", "The Landfill Song (Reduce Reuse Recycle)", "Pick Up the Papers and the Trash", "In the Center", and "Clean Your Room."

A show about motivation, respect, and getting things done with a positive attitude! Songs include: "Rise and Shine", "Excuses", "Back of the Line", "Share","The Teacher Song (teachers are people too!)", and "Wake Up Sam."

The Zucchini Brothers offer up their own original twist on the holiday season. Songs include: "Real Holiday", "Homemade Gift", "Holiday Grouch", "I Can't Put This Toy Together", and "Winter Song".

GIMME A BOOST! / Booster Seat & Automobile Safety (K-2):
A show for the K-2nd grade that emphasizes the importance of using a booster seat (a law in many states), as well as other important information that'll help make riding in a car or bus safe and fun! Songs include: "Ride Restrained", "Give Me A Boost", "Backseat", "Roadtrip" and "School Bus (Magic Bus)."

Our song selection and theme for your assembly can be a combination of any of the above topics. Your school can decide where you want the emphasis to be! We can also provide concerts that are tailored to school-specific events such as PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) kickoffs and endings, No TV Week, Field Days, Family Fun Night, etc...

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